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Conversation Sunday with Crowned ReRe ft. Victoria Dang

Posted on May 16th, 2021

The CrownTalk Podcast is about recognizing crowns and sharing crown moments on this episode of the CrownTalk Podcast Crowned ReRe speaks with Victoria Dang the author of “Go Momshie” . Victoria Dang shares what inspired her to write Go Momshie, the importance of self-care to her while being a mom and she also shares what inspired her to create and be very transparent to her readers through blog and video. Also Victoria Dang shares her “Crown Moment” .


Victoria Dang's mission is to empower new mothers to create a happy home. In her debut book Go Momshie, she captures an authentic take on being a new mother. She envisions creating an online community of new mothers to help thrive and uplift each other to succeed.


To follow Victoria Dang and to order your copy of  “Go Momshie” please go to


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